you will never understand anything completely

The other day I was thinking, as usual
How does my mind work?
I know about words called neurons, synapses, and potential
Neuroscientists can study and give theories with those concepts
Forage for data and attempt the objective
To then explain for the average Joe (or Jane)

But words are not my cup of tea
They were created by giants
And I stand on their shoulders
All of these words I’m writing thus far
I could not tell you of their origin
Could you do the same?

Words words words
An imperfect system
I say one thing, you hear another
Miscommunication and eavesdropping
Causes damage to the bottom line
It’s animal behavior one-oh-one

Choose visual and auditory
Not directly chemical or tactile
Though if he spits in your face maybe not
Some reaction probably will happen

Maybe I’m being philosophical
But this big idea is not so topical
When I’m communicating over time
Different versions of myself are writing
But I’m getting technical

The other day I was thinking, as usual
With language consciously, the usual
Not always thought to be subconscious
Why don’t we think of movements as “thoughts”?

In my languaged thinking the thought arrived
You will never understand anything completely
The thought said. Or did I “say” it, to myself?
You don’t know how your brain works
You don’t know how the light switch works
On the surface maybe
But dig deeper and language fails
Well you turn on the switch, there’s electricity, and power!
But how does the switch work? 
And electricity, what did you say about chemistry again?

Power reminds me of photosynthesis, energy transformation
Please don’t mention biology, genetics and DNA and cells
The life of plants and animals, you should include humans
Stop thinking you’re so different

Wandering again! Why does this always happen?
Why why why
Let me be clear and spell it out for you
In this seemingly opaque though sometimes translucent manner
I should not let your interpretation misjudge this
The switch, I’m being metaphorical
But it's even more deplorable
That I'm considering you won't get this

The other day I was thinking, as usual
How does my mind work?
How does -- the -- mind work?
Yours, perhaps?
Considering the cancerous condition of this planet
I'm wondering if they even "work" at this stage

The switch is a computer and a synapse
And an atom and a thought and an algorithm
And a solar system
Encapsulating anything and everything
Do I make myself clear?
You will never understand anything completely

Not a word, sentence, paragraph, you name it
Not a poem, not a story
Not even your *self*
Not a subunit of a subunit of a subunit of a subunit of a subunit...
and even if you did, how would you fit it all together?
One theoretical puzzle piece down and infinitely more to go

You will never understand anything completely.

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