what is a (non)recipe?

A (non)recipe is an undefinable term that attempts to encompass the complexities of a recipe. A recipe is usually thought of as a strictly defined set of ingredients and instructions for how to prepare a meal or snack. But what about when you swap ingredients to customize the recipe? And how many times do you really want to resort to using measurements in your kitchen when you could be creating a dish without them?

That’s where a (non)recipe thrives. A (non)recipe is like a simple and customizable formula similar to a traditional recipe that teaches you how to make the base of a meal so you can know how to cook the (non)recipe without referring back to it. Furthermore, a (non)recipe is centered around plant-based ingredients and (depending on whether I do my research) may explore the food history and culture of its ingredients.

(Non)recipes are meant for the home, not the internet. They are meant to be imperfect, not like the idealized versions that make cooking look effortless and mess-less. That’s not cooking. That’s storytelling.

Technically, not every one of the recipes on this website are nonrecipes. However, I like the name (and I am in charge of this website) so I’m sticking with calling all the recipes by the name of (non)recipes.

I don’t want to read that long blurb. Give me a simple definition.

You can think of it like the recipe in your head. I was almost going to call them “the recipe in my head” but found it to be too long of a name. How about adjectives instead?

Simple. Customizable. Plant-based. Imperfect. Educational. Habit-forming.

Good enough for you? Now onto the (non)recipes…

Delicious Chickpea Tu-“No” Salad

Chickpeas are the base for this classic plant-based spin-off of (fish-based) tuna salad. This tu-“no” salad recipe is simple, delicious, and customizable! Combine chickpeas and pinto beans, mix chickpeas and black beans together, or keep it simple and use just chickpeas. Don’t have chickpeas? Substitute for all pinto beans, or mix 1 cup of hummus…

Pumpkin Seed and Cashew Balsamic Dressing

This simple, 6-ingredient* salad dressing is delicious and takes only a few minutes to prepare. Enjoy on salads, buddha bowls, and vegetables that you’d serve with hummus (like carrots, broccoli, and bell peppers). Or consider using this dressing on a Delicious Chickpea Tu-“No” Salad, which can be served as a salad as the name suggests…

Lentil Kale Salad with Cucumbers, Walnut Crumble, and Tahini Dressing

A salad should never be boring. Here’s a recipe for a flavorful lentil and kale salad with cucumbers, tomatoes, grapes, a walnut crumble, and a tahini-based dressing. As with all (non)recipes, the ingredients are customizable to the delight of your taste buds. For example, if you prefer black beans instead of lentils or enjoy raisins…

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