The New Generation

Hey Siri, what’s trending?

“One moment, please. Here’s what I found:”

Snapchat only lasts ten seconds

Longer than your attention span, only 8 seconds

All these smartphones, on your smartphone

(Don’t ask where it’s from)

Keep scrolling for a few more seconds…

Now you’re at a concert

Watching, laughing, posting

Watching that concert through your smartphone

through another smartphone

Keep scrolling

On your smartphone

Like that comment on Facebook

But don’t look too far in that terms and conditions —

Or you’ll find all your data gone

Data gone

Limit reached

Lost all your gigabytes but you gotta 

Double tap that insta

make sure everything picta— 


So you gotta go unlimited


Smile at the Camera

Put on the filter

Touch it up

Post it

Keep scrolling

At a friends house

Decide to go out at a vegan place in the city

Take an Uber there

Order in

Say to the waiter, “No straw please, For the environment. You know?”

So your food arrives, but first

Open up the camera

Take a picture

Put on a filter 

Post it

Caption it


At the table face glued to a screen

Don’t look up if you want a conversation

Like your whole nation

Keeping your eyes on one location





Post has a new like


Get a shot of dopamine

Another notification

Dopamine, dopamine

Keep scrolling

Keep scrolling

Keep scrolling

Note from the poet: I wrote this poem a while ago, and reading it now kind of makes me cringe. I thought I’d share it anyway.

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