sleepless nights

sleepless and alone, seemingly

the fragments of my friend shine through the window

glowing for the universe to see

breathing in

i step up and out of bed

move towards her, my friend

shining bright, starlike

even when my eyes close

the dim sky illuminates

by her reflection of the sun

up i look

into a vacuum in its vastness




nothingness and formlessness

it’s quiet down here

far, far, far

so many fars away…

But i am.

thankful, for if I were any closer

there would be no “i” at all

only space



lots of


I would be


but no,

with no i’s to dot

truth is

there’d be space

with no awareness under no moon, no stars

above no mountains, no valleys, no seas

so i will see them while i can

but before I hop into bed

i breathe out

and bring a little


back with me

then count sheep





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