sides of the same

life is a knock
death is a doorstep 
though more like a coin 
both sides of the same

why do some wish for it?
life without death
an endless experience
the wanting is inherently ungrateful 

life wishes for more life
and fears death as change
to walk through the door
is to listen in silence --
after a symphony

it’s a necessary silence
the space between sounds
savor the music while it lasts
a wonder now in short supply

hear the knocks on the door
rise like the waves of the ocean surface
and play the dance in wakefulness
swing and jump but leave the door ajar
any moment now is a time to stop
its permeable like a veil
wear it for the intended occasion

but listen when the sound retracts
return to the depths of dreams 
in a mystery of music alternating

mind closely and silence breeds a smile
retreat to the core of sounding silence
where the sea floor hums its tune 
in peace
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