fiction: poems and short stories

Thirty-One Too Many

When Matt unlocks the door to his suburban home with a fistful of leftover candy from the work party in his mouth, his sigh of relief unexpectedly morphs into a worrisome choke. It’s the kind of choke that would scare Rosaline to death, but she’s out trick or treating with…

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Relatively Sincere

From when the Earth first learned to circle the sun to the present moment, the planet in all its experience rotates just as slowly. Arbitrarily quantified through years, months, and days in the pervasive calendar of civilization, periods of light and day intricately shelter life on this planet. Up until…

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The Invisible Tightrope

Back in the day when I used to watch cartoons, I knew two men named Tom and Jerry. Were they men or were they a cat and mouse? If I knew, I don’t think I would tell you anyway. They played like fools and ran off cliffs without looking below…

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