fall down the rabbit hole
No, you’re not flying
Keep time down by the second
What a waste of time dying

They counted down
Those stars in the sky
Until no stars were left
In the “sky” named space
A lifeless vacuum

Not even the sun
Not even the sun was present
by the time they were finished
It was the end to many
And the beginning for the star counters

Impossible hunger
Impossibly blind
It’s possible it’s far too late
Ask the time keepers for an answer
And the star takers will do what they do
Keep the time and take the stars
Stars already gone
But they don’t see it that way

Can they see?
Keeping all this time 
Taking all this space
Clouds up dreams of a future
Can they hear? 
the silence of the stars they shattered
Lasts for eons
And the chaos of the shards 
Leaves thousands of cuts to die for

Can they recognize the symbols?
We call them letters forming words forming sentences
Creating meaning in heads capable of cognition

Can they breathe?
Somehow their bodies function
But unconsciously they work

They speak but they do not know where their words originate
They stand but they do not know who had to stand before them
Or what they sacrificed to get there

Are you tired and scared? 
Seeing your mistake but not knowing how to fix it?
Or are you still breathing without breathing?
Living a life you think is yours
When it can be taken away with ease

When you wake up
Share what you know
To lessen the illusion
Plant the seed
And wait


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