Graphic Design

Explore my portfolio, which includes a series of enamel pins for Reed College, a conceptual project rebranding the circular Danish textile recycling company Kvadrat Really, a series of posters for Danish companies and museums, logos, Illustrations and websites.

Enamel Pins for Reed College

As a graphic design intern at Reed College‘s public affairs office, I designed a cohesive set of enamel pins to represent aspects of the intellectually rigorous institution’s identity. From ideation to manufacturing, I learned a lot about the rewarding process of designing enamel pins and backing cards.

The Pins: Doyle Owl, Burn Your Draft, Admit One (a “Ticket to Reed”), and Eliot Hall

I designed a pin that iconifies the Doyle Owl, a statue that hides in various places around campus, and created a pin that highlights the tradition of senior Reed students burning their thesis drafts. I also designed a “Ticket to Reed” pin, which represents belonging to the Reed community and has many use cases (including use by the admissions office to share with incoming first year students). In a share-shaped pin, I drew upon the architectural elements of one of Reed’s most easily recognizable buildings on campus, Eliot Hall.

Rebranding Kvadrat Really

Kvadrat Really is a Denmark-based company that turns textile waste into three products: the Textile Tabletop, Textile Board, and Textile Felt. For a school project, I created a new logo, business card, poster, t-shirt, tote bag and animation for the company.

Poster Series

For a graphic design class project, I designed a set of four individual posters for Fritz Hansen, the Trapholt Museum, and the Stedelijk Museum.

Fritz Hansen
The interior design brand Fritz Hansen has been shaping Nordic design since 1872. Focusing on humancentric, Danish design, the globally reaching company works in both contract and retail spaces with furniture, lighting, and accessory design and production. Its history of producing high-quality furniture for prestigious clients like the Danish Parliament endows Fritz Hansen with a respectable reputation. Initially a family-owned business, Fritz Hansen has continuously expanded through acquisitions like the lighting company, Lightyears, and collaborations with designers like Hans J Wagner, Kasper Salto, and Cecilie Manz.

Trapholt Museum
The Trapholt Museum of modern art and design, sometimes called the “Louisiana of Jutland” features modern art, craft and design. The museum overlooks the Kolding Fjord and is situated on a sloping land that once used to be a farm. People visit the museum for the beautiful view of the fjord, the architecture of the museum, and of course, the exhibitions in the museum which includes a collection of Danish furniture and international artists and designers.

Stedelijk Museum
The Stedelijk is a modern art museum in Amsterdam, Netherlands. The museum’s newest wing, designed by Benthem Crouwel architects, is commonly referred to as “the Bathtub” because of its shape. Permanent exhibitions at the museum include Tomorrow is a Different Day, Every Day, Someday and Other Stories, and Yesterday Today. Temporary exhibitions include When Things Are Beings and Yto Barrada’s Bad Color Combos.




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