electricity and the cold

When did it start
With Lucy or the not so wise man
When gardening turned to farming
In Babylon or The valley of silicon
With Ford’s assembly or Benjamin’s 

We did this
First when a foot struck a beetle on the earth, if only it’s unassuming eyes knew
A bow and arrow struck a deer unaware, the headlights would come later
A hook caught a fish, now out of water in a place it should not be
A hand struck another cheek, an unwanted kiss

A pest died in the field and the poison wounded those in the kitchen
From the countrymen to the walkers on the street
Walls cannot be built around this one

What’s the harm of sugar coating everything
if crooked is the new normal
What’s the harm of pixels 
if it’s the reality you know, only
And what’s the harm of the cold
If it gives you a sore arm or slight fever

When all time is spent making everything work for you
Take time to think and look below
Even a blind man would see
Treading water in an ocean rising
Isolating to escape a natural wind
The cold is not the problem
The opposite is true

If the sky is the limit then space is infinite for ambition
Next on the to do list of the Myop
Is seeing flowers while Walking
Walk, Walk her on the moon
Run circles around it too
Control the sun
Develop life’s imperfections into seamless code to make it crisper

The cost of innovation is one most deem worth taking
But unlike the ones on the disappearing path ahead
Innocent in their silence and inability to be heard
Like the ones who saw it coming and did it anyway
we all should be dead

Even Tesla knows
In the cold and dry
Electricity shocks
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