• electricity and the cold

    electricity and the cold

    When did it start With Lucy or the not so wise man When gardening turned to farming In Babylon or The valley of silicon With Ford’s assembly or Benjamin’s We did this First when a foot struck a beetle on the earth, if only it’s unassuming eyes knew A bow and arrow struck a deer…

  • you will never understand anything completely

    you will never understand anything completely

    The other day I was thinking, as usual How does my mind work? I know about words called neurons, synapses, and potential Neuroscientists can study and give theories with those concepts Forage for data and attempt the objective To then explain for the average Joe (or Jane) But words are not my cup of tea…

  • fantasy fountain

    fantasy fountain

    the one that seeks a fountain finds they are misperceiving a critical component of life seek no fountain no future water source for in scarcity even water tastes like fruit no eternal spring will save you life in saturation becomes dull eventually to want a fantasy fountain misses the miracle of a single drop whether…

  • sides of the same

    sides of the same

    life is a knock death is a doorstep though more like a coin both sides of the same why do some wish for it? life without death an endless experience the wanting is inherently ungrateful sometimes… life wishes for more life and fears death as change to walk through the door is to listen in…

  • illusion


    fall down the rabbit hole No, you’re not flying Keep time down by the second What a waste of time dying They counted down Those stars in the sky Until no stars were left In the “sky” named space A lifeless vacuum Not even the sun Not even the sun was present by the time…

  • Un-pay attention

    Un-pay attention

    I pay attention to things  Whether I want to pay or not I click, I view, I like Or don’t like a page, a post, a story And somehow I pay for it, seeds and all but I don’t want to plant anything The line that’s on Makes no difference between  The content and the…

  • View from the Clouds

    View from the Clouds

    Angels sing upon heavenly clouds and others grounded weep dearly. Sunshine dances in the sky and rain pours somewhere else. It’s only a matter of place. I wonder why tears exist in a world with such beauty they said, ever so cavalierly. It’s the role of the dice. People can make it, nearly. Some search…

  • thank you

    thank you

    “YOU ARE WELCOME!!!” you yelled rudely as I walked out the door you held open in a manner deceptively thoughtful i said thank you, but you were too loud too rude to notice you forgot about it the second the door closed but I felt like a buzzer rang in my ear i wondered why…

  • Ernie and the Carcinogen

    Ernie and the Carcinogen

    I asked them: A carcinogen. What is it? They put them In food? They replied nicely. If only they knew.

  • The New Generation

    The New Generation

    Hey Siri, what’s trending? “One moment, please. Here’s what I found:” Snapchat only lasts ten seconds Longer than your attention span, only 8 seconds All these smartphones, on your smartphone (Don’t ask where it’s from) Keep scrolling for a few more seconds… Now you’re at a concert Watching, laughing, posting Watching that concert through your…