ad nauseam

i hear sidewalk conversations

around the house

if any at all


away from the elements

silence is the default state of this place

humming from the television replaces the sound of the wind

chirping of the benevolent birds

swooshing of the teetering trees 

muffles the sound of life so much

sheltering suffocation makes it hard to breathe


fluorescence substitutes for the sun

artificial light can only create artificial conversations

I’m warning code blue for cold blue

the warmth of the light is unable to pass through windows


air conditioning is the weather

so much so that home is the new earth

when a storm visits there is no need to leave 

just press a button instead


talks across tables occur like strangers along streets

walking on the sidewalk of information exchange

abstract avoidances of the human condition

and nonexistent eye contact leads to loneliness

now the most common form of pain


ad nauseam living

if it can be called that at all

i think I might be sick

like i am on a meandering ship 

jolting across the ocean unable to ride with the waves

with adapted passengers blind to their senses

they overthrew the helm for comfort as they see it

only their eyes are clouded and their hearts are clogged

mistaking life for fleeting thoughts and fleeting pleasure


i stare across the room waiting

but I’m met with blank stares across a sidewalk

brief conversations about the weather of the new earth

met with disappointment I stay silent

wishing to discuss the climate outside


alone and tired of this same suffering day after day

i found peace at last the day i spotted the leak

they try to tread against the current with their broken ship

so i swim with the waves instead

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