About Christian Selden

Hey there! I’m Christian.

I’m a Portland-based photographer, rising senior at Reed College (BA Neuroscience ’24), and dog lover. While my current focus is on event photography and portraits, I love to explore the various areas of photography like nature and drone photography! 

Growing up with technology in the 2000’s, I was always used to having a camera available to photograph the world around me. Aside from occasionally marveling at the improvements on iPhone cameras at Apple’s WWDC conference, photography remained a tool reserved for phones to capture the perplexities of my dogs and share my latest plant-based recipe in the kitchen. After my freshman year of college when I was deciding whether or not to buy a new phone, I spontaneously decided to buy a mirrorless camera after realizing that I only wanted a better camera and not a new phone.

Since then, creating photographs has opened up a new world that I enjoy exploring. I currently work for the Office of Public Affairs at Reed College as a student photographer and communications intern. Past clients include DIS Copenhagen and the Marine Biological Laboratory.

Aside from doing photography and studying neuroscience, I love to bike around Portland, go on hikes, and learn about the future of artificial intelligence. After I graduate, I hope to merge my interests in photography and neuroscience to study science communication in graduate school.