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So you want to be sustainable.


Anything you buy, try to it buy second hand. Thrift stores have more than clothes and furniture. There are school supplies, kitchen utensils and glassware, and a plethora of items. I encourage you to take a stop at a local thrift store and explore the variety of items they sell.

Moving Around


Before you Uber or Lyft, try to make the time to walk. If you can't walk, bike instead. If you commute, look for an electric car like a Tesla. As long as your current bike or car is working, there's no need to go out and buy a new one (assuming you have the money to do so). Use what you have before buying new or secondhand.

In the Kitchen


Opt to store your food in glass jars. Le Parfait and Ball are a couple brands I recommend.

Plastic Free Water Bottle


Use a reusable water bottle. If you own a plastic one, use it until it breaks. If you are in the market for a new one, I recommend buying one made without plastic. I have a S'well bottle, which unfortunately has plastic in the cap. If I had to buy another one, I'd purchase a stainless steel one by Klean Kanteen.