Terms To Know

If you'd like to learn more about lowering your carbon footprint and debunk some myths about it, go through this dictionary.



Landfils? Sometimes. Oceans? Often. Away? Never.

To throw a piece of trash away does not guarantee that the trash is sent to landfill. Trash can find its way in bodies of water, like the ocean. There is no "away."



The One Stop Shop for Package Free Groceries

When you buy in bulk at WinCo, Whole Foods, or Rainbow Grocery (in San Francisco), you can use your own reusable cotton bags and buy the amount you need to avoid food waste.


Bring your own bag, bottle, utensils, etc.

It is what it sounds like. You bring your own items with you on-the-go so you can avoid using single-use items.



Our Planet, Our Environment

A spherical place inhabited by humans.


Whole Food Plant-Based

Eat Food. Mostly plants. Not too much. These well-said words by Michael Pollan sum up a whole food plant-based style of eating. For more information, visit Forks Over Knives.

Footprints on Sand

Zero Waste Movement

Sustainable Living

The Zero Waste Movement encourages individuals to reduce their waste by following the 5 Rs (refuse, reduce, reuse, recycle, rot)

Remember: The economy is linear, not circular